Axiom ❤️ Lets Encrypt

Neil Jagdish Patel

We’re pleased to announce that Axiom is a silver sponsor of Let’s Encrypt, the internet’s free, automated, and open Certificate Authority.

At Axiom, we are huge fans of Let's Encrypt and the great work they do. Without LetsEncrypt, we wouldn't be able to provide a seamlessly safe and secure product.

It then goes without saying that we're big believers in Let's Encrypt's mission of securing machine to machine communication. Whether through the internet or inside your infrastructure, we strongly believe that every connection should be secure.

That's why we're extremely proud to say we're a Silver Sponsor of Let's Encrypt and the excellent work that they are doing!

“Our goal with Let's Encrypt is to make it possible for all websites to move to HTTPS. That means embracing automation and ease of use for managing HTTPS deployments. We're happy to see Axiom embrace those principles to help more people and organizations secure their sites.”

-- Josh Aas Executive Director of Let's Encrypt

Thanks to Let's Encrypt, we can provide an excellent, seamless, free certificate for each Watchly instance to use. All this is done automatically and without requiring any user intervention. Without that ability, Axiom products would be open to attacks and Axiom customers wouldn't be as secure as they should be.

If you have a website that isn't secured yet, whether a simple blog or something bigger, we suggest switching it over to https today. A wonderful resource of compatible libraries is available , and the community support is incredible.

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