Run Axiom on your Desktop: A Guide

We’re excited to announce the latest release of Axiom Demo – a complete Axiom experience that runs entirely on your desktop using Docker.

With Axiom Demo, you’ll be able to see live data stream into Axiom, play with queries, streams, dashboards, and more. You’ll also be able to send your own data and interact with Axiom via Axiom CLI.

In this post, I’ll walk you through on how to set up and run Axiom on your local machine.

What is Axiom?

Axiom is log management and analytics solution that reduces the cost and management overhead of logging as much data as you want

With Axiom, organizations no longer need to choose between their data and their costs. Axiom has been built from the ground-up to allow for highly efficient data ingestion and storage, and then a zero-to-infinite query scaling that allows you to query all your data, all the time.

Organizations use Axiom for continuous monitoring & observability, as well as an event store for running analytics and deriving insights from all their event data.

Axiom desktop

Axiom runs directly inside your infrastructure with minimal costs and management. If, however, you would like us to run Axiom for you, Axiom Cloud will be available very soon and you can register for early access.

Okay, with the introductions over, let’s get started!


A local machine with Docker & Docker Compose installed.

Launch the Axiom Demo

  1. Clone the axiom-demo repository from GitHub
$ git clone
$ cd axiom-demo
  1. Start and run the demo using a single command:
docker-compose up -d

Start the demo

You now have an entire Axiom deployment, including dependencies, data generators, data-shippers, etc running right on your desktop!

Bonus: explore the repo to see just how simple Axiom can be deployed!

  1. Open your browser, visit localhost:8080, and log in to Axiom with the following credentials:

Email: Password: axiom-d3m0

Axiom demo 2

Congratulations 🎉 – you’ve successfully logged into Axiom on your local machine! Now it’s time to explore the UI and play with all the features!

When you are finished exploring Axiom, run docker-compose stop to stop the stack, and docker-compose start to start it again.

If you want to clean up, run docker-compose down -v to remove all containers and volumes.

Use Axiom CLI to Interact With The Demo

You can also install and test the Axiom CLI to ingest data to, and stream data from, your Axiom demo:

  • Install the cli on your machine using the instructions here. Linux, macOS, and Windows are all supported.

  • Login into your axiom-demo deployment by pasting this command in your terminal:

echo 274dc2a2-5db4-4f8c-92a3-92e33bee92a8 | axiom auth login --url="http://localhost:8080" --alias="axiom-demo" --token-stdin --token-type personal -f
  • Create a new dataset and ingest some data from a JSON file. You can then view this new dataset and your data in Axiom’s UI:

axiom dataset create

Create dataset

  • Stream data from the http-logs dataset & view it as it’s being ingested live:

axiom stream http-logs

Stream dataset

For more instructions on how to use Axiom CLI kindly check out our documentation!


I hope this guide has helped you get a taste of Axiom right on your desktop. You’ve seen how easy it is to set up Axiom using Docker, and also performed a few tasks inside Axiom and with its awesome CLI.

For more information on Axiom, visit our website and documentation.

If you’re ready to trial Axiom in your organization, get in touch!

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