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Axiom’s mission is to empower developers to get the best insights into their data, as fast as possible. Our cloud native, serverless data analytics platform completely changes the way in which developers and organizations think about their data: send unlimited data with cost-effective storage and lightning-fast querying.

About the Engineering Team

Engineers at every level directly impact improvements across the product, from feature scoping through design to end polish. Building an outstanding experience for each of these user flows is made more complex by our goal of creating what is best for customers - rather than what is easiest to deploy.

About the Role

As a software engineer at Axiom, your breadth of skills paired with our bottom-­up product process will give you as much autonomy and license as you can handle. If you can build it and it’s good for the company, do it! There's no limit to how valuable you can be or how much impact you can make here. We’re looking for people who want to make a mark on the world—who have the ambition to dream big and the talent to bring those dreams to fruition.


  • Explore new systems, and processes while also being able to discuss when (or when not) to use them
  • Manage data throughput and manipulation from ingress, through storage and querying, to egress
  • Write incredible new backend services using Golang with support of senior engineers
  • Participate in a culture that values thoughtful code reviews, and frequent deploys

Must-Have Qualifications

  • Possess an understanding of, and willingness to learn, software architecture, design, and testing
  • Have knowledge of cloud systems, databases, and cloud architecture
  • Be proficient with golang, nodejs, and shell scripting
  • Familiarity with Unix systems

Nice-to-Have Qualifications

  • Be familiar with, and comfortable contributing to, robust backend tooling to support our growing team.
  • Understand the ins-and-outs of debugging cloud systems, and, have in-depth experience with tuning performance for massive datasets
  • Experience writing documentation and tests, appreciating their importance to the team and product
  • Open source contributions, projects, and working with communities

More About Us

The team at Axiom has been fortunate to work together for many years across multiple companies and multiple products.

Throughout our journey, we would come across services that we wanted to use for monitoring/data visualization/etc, and we would always have a tough choice to make: hand over our data to a third party to get a fully featured product, or use a half-baked solution that could run inside our infrastructure and allow us to keep our data safely in our hands.

When the previous company we worked for was acquired by Microsoft, we decided to take that opportunity to work on this problem. We decided to build polished, featureful, and easy to use products which didn’t sacrifice privacy and security.

The result is Axiom.

Company Benefits

Globally Remote Team

Globally Remote Team

We believe in providing flexibility in the workplace by allowing our employees to be productive in a comfortable and safe environment anywhere around the world.
Unlimited Vacation

Unlimited Vacation

We work hard and we know how important it is to unplug and rejuvenate. Take the time you need.
Home Office Set Up

Home Office Set Up

We'll make sure you have an awesome set up for Discord, Zoom, and everything else!
Team Sprints

Team Sprints

Teamwork makes the dream work. We may be remote, but we love coming together as a team to reach our goals and to spend valuable time with one another.
Parental Leave

Parental Leave

We are a family and we know how important that is. We offer generous and flexible family leave for everyone.
Zen Fridays

Zen Fridays

We work normal hours but believe in giving everyone an extra day of quiet. Friday's for us mean no Discord, no Slack, and no meetings!


Junior Software Engineer

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