Help resources and tips

Axiom provides several help resources outside of these docs.


  • Axiom Cloud: fastest and simplest way to get started with Axiom.
  • Axiom Enterprise: request a demo and get the power of Axiom inside your infrastructure.
  • CLI command reference: online access to all help strings in the Axiom CLI.
  • Tutorials: step-by-step guides in our blog exploring Axiom and future of serverless log management solution.
  • Support Guides & Forums: get updates, help, or have a discussion about your favorite topic.
  • Support form: uncertain about which plan works best for your team? contact Axiom support directly by email using the online support form for any issues.
  • Status page: current status of Axiom systems.
  • Pricing page: estimate your savings and explore Axiom's minimal cost with our pricing calculator.
  • Github Repo's: explore the opensource tools we support.
  • Field restrictions: learn more about our field restriction policy.

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