Ingest via Honeycomb

Axiom Honeycomb Proxy ships logs to Axiom and Honeycomb simultaneously.


You can Download the Binary releases available on GitHub Releases.

Install using Homebrew

brew tap axiomhq/tap
brew install axiom-honeycomb-proxy

Install using go get

go get -u

Install from source

git clone
cd axiom-honeycomb-proxy
make install

Pull and Run the Docker image

docker pull axiomhq/axiom-honeycomb-proxy:latest


  • Set the following environment variables:
  • AXIOM_TOKEN: Personal Access or API token. Can be created under Profile or Settings > API Tokens. For security reasons it is advised to use an API Token with minimal privileges only.

When using Axiom Selfhost:

  • AXIOM_URL: URL of the Axiom deployment to use.
  • Run it: ./axiom-honeycomb-proxy or using Docker:

Using Docker

docker run -p8080:8080/tcp \
  • Point all Honeycomb related tools at the proxy deployment.

Request format

Single event requests

curl http://localhost:3111/honeycomb/v1/events/<DATASET> -X POST \
  -H "X-Honeycomb-Team: <YOUR-HONEYCOMB-KEY>" \
  -H "X-Honeycomb-Event-Time: 2018-02-09T02:01:23.115Z" \
  -d '{"method":"GET","endpoint":"/foo","shard":"users","dur_ms":32}'

Event batch requests

curl  http://localhost:3111/honeycomb/v1/batch/<DATASET> -X POST \
  -H "X-Honeycomb-Team: <YOUR-HONEYCOMB-KEY>" \
  -d '[

For more information on Axiom-honeycomb-proxy and how you can propose bug fix, report issues and submit PRs, kindly visit our repository on Github.

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