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Provide all your users access to logs, events, and analytics by harnessing the power of Axiom for your product.

Axiom Platform

Leverage the power of Axiom for your product

Build on Axiom's next-generation datastore to enable rich and extensive logging, events, and analytics inside your products. The Axiom Platform gives you access to low-level APIs that allow you to build enterprise-grade data features inside your products in little time.

With Axiom as the backbone for your product data, your developers will no longer have to worry about scaling or storage cost, nor how to handle ad-hoc querying. Leverage the Axiom Platform to significantly decrease your infrastructure costs and increase user engagement.

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Leave ELK & Homegrown solutions behind

Axiom's coordination-free ingest, object-store based storage, and serverless querying mean that your product's data features can be supercharged in the most efficient and affordable way.

Simple to setup, simple to scale

Axiom's cloud-native, hybrid-serverless architecture enables Axiom to deliver a highly-efficient data platform right inside your organization's cloud without burdening your engineers with extended training or maintenance.

Industry's Lowest TCO

Axiom ingests ~1.5TB/day/vCPU, stores your logs compressed on storage that costs less than $0.023/GB/mo, and querying scales from zero to infinity with no need to keep huge database VMs constantly running.


Send everything to Axiom

Axiom is easy to get started with and grows with your product's needs.

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Works Anywhere
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Query & Visualize

Combine APIs & Web Components to build your experience

Access Axiom APIs directly to instantly render dashboards, searches, timelines, and more inside your product. Access data 10ms to 10yrs old without having to worry about data availability or query performance.

Want to offer mature data experiences faster? Use Axiom's Web Components and augment your product with integrated search, analytics, and visualizations.

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Getting started with the Axiom Platform

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