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Efficient Ingest, Scalable Querying, Commodity Storage

Axiom allows you to store every bit of data in the most efficient manner possible, making sure it’s always ready to query.

  • Highly efficient ingestion & storage
  • Up to 20x compression and no sampling
  • Store more data with multi-year retention
  • Serverless technologies use only resources when necessary, no need for pre-planning
  • Minimal dependencies, no clustering required

Try out our Self-Host total cost of ownership (TCO) calculator to see how much more data you could store while still benefiting from huge savings.

Self-Host TCO Calculator

Daily Ingest
100 GB

90 days







Save 80% over ELK
Total /mo

The Axiom Total Cost Calculator is made available for informational purposes only, and final prices may vary. Axiom provides no warranties or representations regarding the output of the calculator, your use of Axiom, or your log management implementation. The Axiom Total Cost Calculator is based on various assumptions about your environment, pricing published at the time the tool was made available, service levels, and various other pieces of information. More detailed information regarding cost estimates can be provided by contacting a sales representative.

Simple Pricing

No Matter Your Requirements

Axiom Cloud

Starts At
Ingested Monthly

Stored Monthly
(after compression)

  • No hosting, maintainence, or monitoring required by you
  • Unlimited retention, just pay for how much storage you use
  • Unlimited users, teams, and dashboards
  • 100 monitors with 1000 notifications/mo included



Axiom Self-Host

Starts At
Ingested Monthly
(paid annually)

  • Runs inside your VPC or on-premise
  • Unlimited retention, users, and teams
  • Unlimited monitors and notifiers
  • Role-based Access Control
  • Simple to setup, simple to manage
  • Depends on only Postgres & Object Storage (AWS S3, Azure Blob, etc)

Which Version Is Right For You?

Ingest/day Up to 5TB Up to 5TB Unlimited
Retention Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Trial 14-day trial 14-day trial 30-day trial upon request
Runs In Our cloud Your cloud Our cloud or yours
Free Tier 1 GB/day, 1GB storage
Learn more
5 GB/day, 7 day query
Learn more
Datasets Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Users Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Teams Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Dashboards Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Monitors Unlimited

$0.5 per 100 monitors, first 100 free
Unlimited Unlimited
Notifiers Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Query Window Unlimited

$0.5/TB-scanned for queries older than 30 days
Unlimited Unlimited
Saved Queries Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Queries per Second
(build apps on Axiom)
50 50 Unlimited
High Availability
Role-Based Access Control
Authentication Password, SSO Password, SSO Password, SSO, LDAP, SAML
Support 8×5 8×5 24×7
Pricing Starts at $0.50/gb Starts at $0.50/gb

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Pricing FAQ

How is ingest measured?

Ingest is measured by the amount of uncompressed data being ingested into Axiom via any of it’s ingest APIs.

How do you handle bursts in ingest volume?

All Axiom versions allow for volume bursts, as we know logging can be unpredictable.

If burst volumes are sustained, we’ll contact you to discuss the change in usage and if a another plan would cover your needs better.

How can I start my Axiom trial?

Please get in touch with sales to start your trial. We’ll give you a special license key that will unlock all Axiom features for a period of time that works best for your organization to evaluate Axiom.

We’ll also be at hand to help you throughout your trial, from helping pick the best deployment architecture to ensuring all your data can flow into Axiom.

What happens at the end of my trial?

At the end of your trial, your Axiom deployment will revert back to the free edition of Axiom. Your existing data will still be stored but inaccessible for queries. By purchasing a full Axiom license, all restrictions will be lifted.

When will Axiom Cloud be available?

Axiom Cloud is scheduled to be released in Q1 2021. You can register for early access & updates to Axiom Cloud here!

What are Queries Per Second and how can they effect my deployment?

Queries Per Second (QPS) are a measurement of how many queries at once can be ran on your deployment.

While Axiom has a quite generous QPS allowance across its tiers, if you are building apps on top of Axiom (such as adding logging/metrics/analytics to your own product based on Axiom), then the Enterprise versions of Axiom completely remove these limits.

What are the Free Tier limits?

The free tier on Axiom Cloud and Axiom Self-Host allows you and your team to familiarize yourself with Axiom and grow into the paid plans. As you would expect, the free tiers come with some limitations, which we have documented below:

Axiom Cloud FREE Axiom Self-Host FREE
Ingest 1 GB /day 5 GB /day
Retention Unlimited Unlimited
Query Window 30 days 7 days
Users 3 3
Teams 1 1
Datasets 1 3
Monitors 2 5
Notifiers 5 5
Queries per Second 15 15
Role-Based Access Control
Authentication Password, SSO Password
Support Community Community
Pricing Free Free