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Next-Generation Log Management

Axiom is a Cloud Native datastore which is built from the ground up to take advantage of every aspect of cloud technologies:
  • High-efficent, stateless ingestion
  • Object Storage as the primary data store
  • Distributed queries run with serverless technologies
  • Axiom runs anywhere:

    supported runtimes

Ingest Everything, No Compromises

With Axiom’s incredibly efficient ingest engine, there is no need to reshape, trim, or discard any of your data.

Our unique storage engine uses the most cost-effective and robust object stores for primary data storage, No SSD speed calculations, no complex scaling, and no endless conversations about data budgets.

Axiom provides data freedom, allowing you to send even more data, at a higher resolution, and store it for longer than ever.

Ingest from anywhere:

ingest from anywhere


log stream

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Query Everything, All The Time

Get insight from every bit of data, whether it’s 10 milliseconds or 10 years old. With Axiom’s unique hybrid architecture, only bear the cost of queries for the time your are running them, down to the millisecond.

No more cold or warehoused data.
All your data is hot, all of the time.

Explore and visualize your data:

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More Time, Less Headaches

Axiom forgoes classic cluster architecture that can increase the risk of consensus errors, misbehaving nodes, and require careful planning during updates, scaling, or general maintenance.

Instead, Axiom’s cloud native architecture means more ingest capacity can be added without effecting existing nodes; and updates can be rolled out without downtime, exactly like your own apps and services.

Axiom dramatically reduces the TCO of your logging infrastructure by being simple to maintain as well as being incredibly cost efficient to run.

log stream

Bring data to life

Apply aggregate functions to queries to easily visualize data. Apply filters, calculate virtual fields, manage grouping & sampling, and much more.

Built powerful dashboards

Unite data from different sources into dashboards to see the complete state of a product or service. Easily share and manage with your team.

Save and share queries

Save important queries and share with your team. Browse and search query history to find previous work.

Continuous observability

Get on with the rest of your day with the knowledge that Axiom is working behind the scenes, monitoring for changes in your data and notifying you...

No warehousing or cold data

Axiom makes all your data available whenever you need it. Query time ranges can span seconds or decades, without waiting for warming or loading. Build powerful queries and visualizations across every bit of data that matters to get to the root of an issue or find real insights.
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Axiom was built to solve your data headaches