All your data,
all the time.
With minimal costs.

State-of-the-art log management with simple, clear pricing.


Monitor logs, events, and more using the
world's most advanced data platform completely free.

Ingest up to2 GB/day
included3 datasets
retention30 days
Set upmonitors for alerting
Createunlimited dashboards
Share with3 users



Pay as you scale.

$0.50/mo per GB ingested

$0.05/mo per GB stored

Unlimited retention

Unlimited users, teams, and dashboards

What's Included

Supercharged logging with everything you need


Centralize structured and unstructured data efficiently into Axiom with compatibility with a variety of industry-standard data shippers and powerful APIs.

  • Schema-less & Index-free
  • Elasticsearch Bulk API support
  • REST API + client libraries
  • Splunk HTTP Event Collector support
  • Connect easily to thousands of pre-existing services/libraries

Store data for cheaper + longer, allowing better fault diagnosis, stronger security, & deeper insights. Always-hot storage enables querying any data, at any time.

  • 8-25x compression of raw data
  • All data stored on affordable and infinite object storage
  • Unlimited retention, store for as long as you need
  • All data is "always-hot", enabling live querying without waiting

Query across all your data with powerful aggregations, filters, virtual functions, group bys, and more. All expressed through a beautiful, easy-to-use interface.

  • Automatic schema extraction allows easy data exploration
  • Powerful query builder allowing multiple facets of querying to extract every insight from your data
  • Virtual Fields allow rich data extraction from even the messiest inputs
  • View and share your queries with your team

Visualize your data through super-fast charting built right inside Axiom. View individual queries or collect them in dashboards to share with the team.

  • Complex queries expressed through interactive visualizations
  • Stream queries and watch new data arrive live inside your browser
  • Dashboards provide a single-pane-of-glass overview across multiple datasets
  • Extensive support for managing and sharing queries with team members
  • Compare query results against past time periods to easily view differences over time

Create Monitors to actively monitor data and notify you if threshold conditions are met using the same powerful querying as the rest of Axiom.

  • Actively monitor datasets with queries
  • Setup thresholds and conditions for triggering alerts
  • Send emails, webhooks, or connect to third-party services such as Slack and PagerDuty
  • Be notified when issues are resolved automatically
Teams & Enterprise

Controlling access to data is important for large teams and our Enterprise features allow for role-based access control to all data within Axiom.

  • Choose between four roles to manage user access, including Read-Only users
  • Group users into teams with access to specific datasets
  • Share queries and dashboards inside teams while maintaining full data access control
  • Splunk HTTP Event Collector support
  • Authenticate users with SSO, SAML, and Azure Active Directory

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The world's most efficient & affordable log management solution

Efficient Ingest

Ingest cost is massively reduced due to the highly efficient nature of Axiom's hybrid serverless platform.

Object Storage

Axiom doesn't require SSDs for storage like competitors, instead it uses cheap and infinite object stores like AWS S3 for storing all its data.

Long-term Retention

Store your data for as long as you want because Axiom makes sure your data is always stored highly-compressed in cost-effective, commodity cloud object stores.

No Cold or Archived Data

With Axiom, there is no hot, cold, or archived storage. You don't need to worry about retention policies or requesting access to data. All your data is always queryable, whether 10 seconds or 10 years old.

Unlimited Users & Teams

We do not believe in using the size of your organization to ramp up prices. This leads to bad habits and often laxer security. Instead, we encourage you to add users and create teams as you need without limits.

Easy Cost Management

Axiom presents near-live invoices for the current billing cycle, allowing you to keep a close eye on your costs. We are also introducing budgeting and cost alerting very soon to aide in finer grained budget control.

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