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Axiom Enterprise

A fully featured Axiom running inside your cloud

Axiom’s next-generation datastore enables ingesting petabytes of data with ultimate efficiency. This allows developers to send more data from their services, infrastructure, and via APIs. More data means quicker debugging, better insights, and less worries.

Developers retain data for longer with Axiom thanks to its efficient storage layer, allowing you to store gigabytes of data for only a few cents a month. With Axiom, there is no such thing as cold, archived, or warehoused data - all your data is always available.

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Next-Generation Data Platform

Axiom's coordination-free ingest, object-store based storage, and serverless querying mean that your organization's log management can be supercharged in the most efficient and affordable way.

Simple to setup, simple to scale

Axiom's cloud-native, hybrid-serverless architecture enables Axiom to deliver a highly-efficient log management platform right inside your organization's cloud without burdening your engineers with extended training or maintenance.

Industry's Lowest TCO

Axiom ingests ~1.5TB/day/vCPU, stores your logs compressed on storage that costs less than $0.023/GB/mo, and querying scales from zero to infinity with no need to keep huge database VMs constantly running.


Flexible deployments that work anywhere

Axiom is easy to get started with and grows with your organization’s needs.

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Works Anywhere
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Everything you need and more

Simple and elegant

~1.5TB/day/vCPU ingest, cheapest possible near-infinite storage, and zero-to-infinity serverless queries.

Simple to Scale

Coordination free ingest and object storage as primary storage ensures hassle-free scaling

Stateless querying

No need to keep large database nodes running continuously to handle queries. Scale from zero-to-infinity via serverless querying.

Live Stream Data

View your data streaming in live just like you were at your terminal - but supercharged!

Powerful Dashboards

Collect queries in dashboards and keep them private or share with the rest of the team.

Virtual Fields

Rich data extraction from even the messiest inputs with a simple expression-based syntax.

Compare Query Result

Directly compare any query to an hour, day, week, or any custom period ago.

Role-based Access Control

Manage access to datasets with full support for teams and user roles.

Actively Monitor

Use Monitors to run background queries and connect to Notifiers to be alerted if things go wrong.

Schema-less & Index-free

No need to define schemas for your data up-front, nor worry about building indexes later.

Elasticsearch Bulk API Support

Connect to thousands of tools and plugins instantly with our full support for Elasticsearch's Bulk API.

REST API/Language Bindings

Connect your app or service directly to Axiom via our APIs or libraries.

and much more!

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Lower your TCO by over 70% compared to solutions like ELK.

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Getting started with Axiom Enterprise

Get in touch to request a demo, or run Axiom Demo on your desktop to get a taste of the future