The Problem

Ever Increasing Quantities Of Data Coupled With Poor Solutions

More data is produced by organisations than ever before, however the tools to store and query that data continue to be at odds with these facts.

Classic solutions tax organisations for wanting to store and query more and more data, either via licensing, cost of infrastructure, or cost to those responsible for maintaining the solution.

Those constraints mean organisations need to make up-front decisions on discarding or ignoring data today without truly knowing if could be valuable in months, years, or decades down the line.

Inefficent Solutions

  • Organisations produce more data than ever
  • Current solutions force decisions on relevancy of data which cannot be truly predicted
  • High maintenance and time consuming practices of storing data in hot, cold, or warehoused states
  • Schemas and indexes must be known up-front, massively reducing flexibility

The Solution

Efficient Ingest, Scalable Querying, Commodity Storage

Axiom allows you to store every bit of data in the most efficient manner possible, making sure it’s always ready to query.

Efficient ingress of data (around 1TB/vCPU/day) and primary storing using Object Stores (around $0.02/gb/month) removes any bottlenecks around cost of ingest or cost of storage.

No need to worry about how much data your are producing, how long to store it for, or where to store it. Near term and long term needs can be consolidated in one platform.

Simple to deploy right inside your infrastructure, and near zero maintenance required, your teams can work with their data without constraints.

All Your Data, All The Time

  • Highly efficent ingestion & storage with up to 20x compression and no sampling
  • Store more data with multi-year retention
  • Use serverless technologies to only use query resources when necessary, no need for pre-planning
  • Unlock the potential from all your data, from any source, being available for as long as you need
  • Minimal dependencies, no clustering required

The Possibilties

Remove The Roadblocks to Insights

Axiom reduces the need for up-front planning around even the biggest of data-producing services, and rather reduces friction for teams that want to move fast. All teams benefit greatly from having zero constraints and many more options around their data needs.


Remove The Roadblocks to Insights

Use Axiom as a foundation for your own product’s logging or analytics needs. Give your users a first-class experience around their data right inside your app. No need to worry about how to scale or what additional cost such a feature would put on your development team.


Teams are empowered to monitor their services more effectively, being able to store and query trace-level data while also being able to compare it to any time in the past in an instant.

Security/IT Ops

Security and IT teams can have more intricate detail around each action in the organisation and be able to model current scenarios against past usage much more easily.


Record every click, every transaction, every interaction, and everything else too. Derive business insights from a wealth of data and share it instantly with members of your team.

The Architecture

Flexible Deployments That Work Anywhere

Axiom is easy to get started with and grows with your organization’s needs. Minimal dependencies and Cloud Native.

Around 1 TB Ingest per vCPU per day
Scale queries via serverless functions
No clusters, no consensus, no need to worry

architecture overview

Example of a typical deployment. Axiom can work in many scenarios, from cloud to metal.
Please get in touch to discuss deployment options that work for your organization.

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The Features


Centralize structured and unstructured data efficiently into Axiom with compatibility with a variety of industry-standard data shippers and powerful APIs.

  • Schema-less & Index-free
  • Stateless Ingest Pipeline
  • Axiom REST API with libraries for Golang, Node.js, and Python
  • Elasticsearch Bulk API support
  • Splunk HTTP Event Collector (HEC) support
  • Compatibility with thousands of existing libraries that work with either of the above


dataset overview


Query across all your data with powerful aggregations, filters, virtual functions, group bys, and more. All expressed through a beautiful, easy-to-use interface.

  • Automatic schema extraction allows easy data exploration
  • Powerful query builder allowing multiple aggregations, filters, group bys, etc to extract every insight from your data
  • Virtual Fields allow rich data extraction from even the messiest inputs
  • View and share your queries with your team

visualization overview


Visualize your data through a super-fast visualizing framework built right inside Axiom. View individual queries or collect them in dashboards to share and consume even more easily.

  • Complex queries expressed through interactive visualizations
  • Stream queries and watch new data arrive live inside your browser
  • Dashboards provide a single-pane-of -glass overview across multiple datasets
  • Extensive support for managing and sharing queries with team members
  • Compare query results against past time periods to easily view differences over time



Create Monitors to actively monitor data and notify you if threshold conditions are met using the same powerful querying as the rest of Axiom.

  • Actively monitor datasets with queries
  • Setup thresholds and conditions for triggering alerts
  • Send emails, webhooks, or connect to third-party services such as Slack and PagerDuty
  • Be notified when issues are resolved automatically

alerts overview

Teams & Enterprise

Controlling access to data is important for large teams and our Enterprise features allow for role-based access control to all data within Axiom.

  • Choose between four roles to manage user access, including Read-Only users
  • Group users into teams with access to specific datasets
  • Share queries and dashboards inside teams while maintaining full data access control
  • Authenticate users with SSO, SAML, and Azure Active Directory