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Request logging, function performance, web vitals, and product insights for the serverless era.

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Guillermo Rauch
Axiom is the most sophisticated and user friendly observability integration for Vercel.
Lee Robinson
Axiom makes observability easy with a one-click dashboard for Vercel + alerting.
Søren Bramer Schmidt
Axiom is the modern serverless observability tool I always wanted. The strong focus on developer experience is a great match for how we do things at Prisma!
Theo -
Pretty impressed with @AxiomFM so far. Quick as hell to set up and pretty easy to find things. Clearly identified two errors we couldn’t find in DataDog at all.
Eric Matthys
Monitoring our logs from our Next.js app deployed to Vercel was easy thanks to Axiom's Vercel integration and pre-built dashboard.

Tailormade for Serverless

Request Logs
Ingest streaming request logs from your Vercel apps. No configuration required and no need to think about retention and sampling.
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Custom Queries & Dashboards
Interrogate your logs with a powerful query language. Visualize them with custom dashboards.
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Function Insights
Ingest logs from API functions and track CPU and memory usage. Visualize execution duration and edge performance.
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Notifications & Alerts
Sleep peacefully knowing Axiom has you covered. Zero-config notifications and alerts for Vercel apps out of the box that you can tweak to reflect your schedule.
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Web Vitals
Track metrics that matter to your customers. First Contentful Paint, First Input Delay, and Cumulative Layout Shift.
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Team #CLI4Life. Everything you can do through the Axiom dashboard is also available from the command line.
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Full-stack Observability for Next.js
One line opens a world of possibilities. Simply wrap your Next.js config `withAxiom()` and your app will be ready to send observability data from client-side, middleware, or functions.
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Queries, the Vercel way
No more guessing. Don’t copy-and-paste project slugs or deployment ids, Axiom thinks like Vercel.
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Live Stream Logs
View your data streaming in live. Just like you were at your terminal - but supercharged!.
Compare Query Results
Understand how your project performance is changing with time. Directly compare any query to an hour, day, week, or any custom period ago.
Actively Monitor
Reduce downtime with Monitors. Run error & performance checks in the background while you sleep so you can be notified if anything goes wrong.
Powerful Dashboards
Collect queries in dashboards. Keep them private or share with the rest of the team to help quickly identify root causes or performance issues.
Schema-less & Index-free
No need to define schemas or plan which kinds of queries you'll run. Axiom will automatically index your logs for you and adapt to changes in your data schemas.
Role-based Access Control
Manage access to datasets with full support for teams and user roles. Use Axiom for all kinds of data safely, knowing only those who should have access to a dataset will see the data.
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