Send Syslog logs to Axiom

Logs are generated on all Network devices, Axiom Syslog Proxy ships logs to Axiom, acting as a Syslog server.

With Syslog logging system, you can monitor events on your devices and send them directly into Axiom, this also helps you retain your data logs.

The udp log messages is sent on UDP port 514 to the syslog server.

The tcp log messages is sent on TCP port 601 to the syslog server.


You can Download the Binary releases available on GitHub Releases.

Install using Homebrew

brew tap axiomhq/tap
brew install axiom-syslog-proxy

Install using go get

go get -u

Install from source

git clone
cd axiom-syslog-proxy
make build

Pull and Run the Docker image

docker pull axiomhq/axiom-syslog-proxy:latest


  • Specify the environmental variables for your Axiom deployment

When using Axiom self-host:

AXIOM_URL: URL of the Axiom Deployment to use.

AXIOM_TOKEN: API Token can be created from the Settings page.

AXIOM_INGEST_DATASET: Dataset to ingest and ship the logs to.

Run it:


Using Docker

docker run -p601:601/tcp -p514:514/udp  \
  • Test it:
echo -n "tcp message" | nc -w1 localhost 601
echo -n "udp message" | nc -u -w1 localhost 514

For more information on Axiom-loki-proxy and how you can propose bug fix, report issues and submit PRs, kindly visit our repository on GitHub.

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